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Program Manager Certificate

Learn best practices from award-winning mentoring experts with real-life experience leading international mentoring programs for more than 10,000 mentoring participants. 

Learn how to design, build, and manage mentoring programs.

 Don't just learn theories, practice with experts and peers.

Complete the required courses

Our interactive courses teach you everything you need from designing the business case to scaling your programs.

Apply your learning in live sessions

Practice applying the concepts in live case studies and tackle challenges with peers and experts.

Submit your milestone for review

Each milestone is designed to help you build your mentoring programs while applying your knowledge.  

Develop skills.
Gain confidence.

Discover the skills, strategies, and tools
you need to build successful programs.

Complete Curriculum

Besides the nine required courses to earn your certificate, you can look forward to a few bonus program manager courses and tools to help you succeed!

One Year Pro-License

You automatically get access to our mentoring and DEIB libraries, including all new content throughout the year!

Monthly Live Sessions

You'll be invited to our exclusive program manager sessions where you'll meet with our experts and fellow program managers to tackle challenges and share best practices.

Monthly Office Hours

Each month, you'll have the opportunity to join our mentoring experts and get help where you need it most. 

Scroll through our core program manager curriculum below.

Developing a Mentoring Strategy

Learn to assess your organization's mentoring needs. identify development gaps, prioritize programs on a roadmap, and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Selecting the Right Structure for Your Program

In this course, you'll learn four structural components to consider when designing your mentoring programs and gain clarity on your program design to create a format that is engaging and clear for participants.

Planning a Successful Launch

Planning for the launch of your program is a project on its own, often requiring a separate, detailed plan. But with some guidance, you can develop the right launch plan that creates a successful experience and builds a foundation for future programs.

Recruiting Mentors Strategically

Recruiting and retaining high-quality mentors is critical. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most common challenges. How can you spur mentor engagement and create a pipeline to mentors for the future?  Learn how now.

Measuring Your Program's Success

Learn how to monitor your program's health, determine organizational impacts, and calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).

Understanding Types of Mentoring Programs

There's so many types of mentoring programs. Does your organization need to focus on career development, diversity, or skills? Learn about the various types of programs and find out which is best for you.

Governing Mentoring Programs

How do you organize and manage multiple programs? How do you scale and empower others to build additional programs? Learn how to create sustainable governance structure as your mentoring grows.

Managing Program Stakeholders

Mentoring programs rely on stakeholders to support, fund, and advocate for the program, but they can be difficult to manage. Learn how to keep them informed and make the most of your relationship.

Making the Right Matches

There's no one-size-fits-all system for matching. We'll teach you how to design and update your matching logic and advise you on when to use various matching methods (manual, participant-led, automatic, etc.)

Creating the Business Case

Learn how to build a business case for your mentoring program that will clearly articulate the business need and expected ROI to persuade your leaders to invest in mentoring.

You don't have to do it alone anymore.

Grow with our community of experts and peers.

We know running mentoring programs can be lonely. You're usually a one-person team. And you probably have responsibilities beyond mentoring.

One of the best resources we have is each other. Become part of a supportive community that shares advice and insight to improve the mentoring experience.
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Connect with people like you, live!

LIVE Monthly Sessions

Exclusive, expert-run, and interactive sessions give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding and learn from your peers. 

LIVE Monthly Office Hours

Need help with your business case? Want to talk through your milestone? Each month, we reserve an hour for the community to pick our brains.

24/7 Online Forum

Somethings can't wait for office hours. Get support when you need it. Post questions and solicit ideas from the community in our online forum.

Learn & Earn!

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards your professional development while you gain tools to succeed!
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Earn your certificate in 3 steps

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1. Complete required courses

Complete all required courses. These cover mentoring program basics including designing your strategy, recruiting participants, and measuring impact.

2. Pass all quizzes and tests

Each course contains knowledge checks, tests, and scenarios to help you practice and apply your new knowledge. You must pass all to earn your certificate.

3. Meet all milestone requirements

Complete and submit five milestones. Each milestone is reviewed and graded by our experts before being approved or returned with feedback.

Any of this sound familiar? 

Where do I start?

 What kind of program should we launch: career development, high-potential, skills-based, diversity and inclusion-related?
 Should we do traditional, reverse, peer-to-peer, group, 1:1, circle mentoring or something else?
  How can I recruit enough mentors?
  How do I meet stakeholder demands?
  How do I launch a program?
   How can I operationalize mentoring program management?

Am I missing anything?

  What support do mentors and mentees need?
  How can I scale the mentoring program without exhausting myself?
 How do I build a business case for expanding the programs or getting more resources?

Where do we go from here?

  How should we measure success?
  How can we identify program improvements?
  How can we demonstrate value and opportunities to stakeholders?

Plus, you get access to our FULL SUITE of courses!

You get access to all the courses in each of our three libraries. Now you can build programs and see them through your participants' eyes.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost and what's included?

This certificate program license costs $999 for one year and includes:

  • 12 interactive program manager classes
  • Live monthly program manager sessions
  • Live monthly office hours
  • Exclusive online community

  • Expert milestone review and feedback
  • One-year access to full mentoring and DEI libraries

How do I earn a certificate?

To earn your certificate you must complete all mandatory courses and pass all tests and quizzes. Next, you must submit all milestone work for review by our experts. You will receive a rubric for each milestone ahead of time. Your work will be reviewed and returned to you with feedback and, if earned, your certificate. 

How long do I have to earn the certificate?

You have one year to complete all the courses and submit all milestones for review. If you do not complete the courses and milestones within the year, you may renew your license to continue your progress.

How long does it take to earn the certificate?

It usually takes 3-6 months to earn your certificate but you have up to a year to do so. If you need more time or would like to keep access to the course materials, we offer a discounted annual license for our program graduates.

What guidelines do you use to develop your programs?

MentorStrat's programs follow the ANSI/IACET (American National Standards Institute/International Association for Continuing Education and Training) standards to develop our instructional content and calculate our CEUs.

What's your return policy?

You have 14 days to cancel your license for a full refund.

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