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Program Manager Library

How do you recruit mentors? Scale programs? Measure success?
Learn how to save time while expanding your success.

Program Manager Courses

Don't just learn new skills, put them into practice. 

 Make effective program decisions.

 Download ready-to-use templates for communications, recruiting, and evaluation.

 Get insider tips to succeed from experienced program managers.

Whether it's your first program in one department or your tenth program in an enterprise mentoring scheme, learn how to create a sustainable mentoring strategy that meets your business needs now and in the future.

Selecting the Right Program Structure

1:1 mentoring, groups, circles? Traditional, reverse, peer-to-peer? Year round or periodic enrollment? a lot to consider. What works for one program may be disastrous for another. Learn to assess your needs and build a structure that maximizes ROI.

Having trouble meeting mentee demand? Recruiting mentors for the first time? Learn how to build a comprehensive recruitment strategy that goes beyond email and get access to reusable campaign templates

Planning a Successful Launch

Are you ready to launch? There's a million things to keep track of: communications, software, stakeholders, matching -- it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Use these lessons to keep everything on track and make a splash!

Measuring Your Program's Success

How will you know your program is successful? Learn various ways to measure your ROI and useful metrics for unique programs. Plus, learn how to analyze your results to identify key improvement areas.

Exploring Types of Mentoring Programs

There's so many types of mentoring programs. Does your organization need to focus on career development, diversity, or skills? Learn about the various types of programs and find out which is best for you.

How do you organize and manage multiple programs? How do you scale and empower others to build additional programs? Learn how to create sustainable governance structure as your mentoring grows.

Managing Program Stakeholders

Mentoring programs rely on stakeholders to support, fund, and advocate for the program, but they can be difficult to manage. Learn how to keep them informed and make the most of your relationship.

Making the Right Matches

There's no one-size-fits-all system for matching. We'll teach you how to design and update your matching logic and advise you on when to use various matching methods (manual, participant-led, automatic, etc.)

Creating the Business Case for Mentoring

Learn how to build a business case for your mentoring program that will clearly articulate the business need and expected ROI to persuade your leaders to invest in mentoring.

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