Develop & nurture skills, self-awareness, and mindful practice for mentoring across differences.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Library

Mentoring strategies that foster inclusion, equity, & belonging.
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DEIB Courses

Don't just learn new skills, put them into practice. 

 Apply your skills in interactive scenarios. 

 Complete worksheets to prepare for meetings. 

 Download guides to direct your live conversations. 

What are psychologically safe environments and what kind of impact do they have? You'll learn why psychological safety is critical if you want to have a successful mentorship and what you can do to create psychologically safe environments.

How to Mentor Across Differences

Do you and your mentor or mentee seem more different than alike? Wondering how you can help them or vice versa with such different experiences? Learn how to find common ground and make your differences your an asset to your mentorship. 

Active listening is hard enough. When you have different perspectives or beliefs? It can feel impossible. We jump to conclusions, tensions rise, and everyone leaves feeling unheard and misunderstood. Learn how to interrupt bad habits and listen in a way that helps everyone grow.

Why Inclusion Means Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

Most of us want to be inclusive but we hate being uncomfortable. Learn why discomfort is a necessary ingredient to inclusion and how to make meaningful change by embracing the uncomfortable.

Intro to Intersectionality

Each person is a unique combination of experiences, identities, etc. To be effective mentors, we must appreciate how these intersect and how they impact the challenges, opportunities, and needs of our mentee(s).

New Courses Coming in 2023!

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for new courses rolling out year-round. We use your feedback and industry research to identify new topics, update existing content, and create resources to help you succeed.